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Impairment can come from medication

When drivers are arrested for impaired driving, it is most common that they were consuming alcohol before getting in the car. This is why the police will use breath tasks or field sobriety tests to measure their impairment. Breath tests in particular are designed to...

Do some types of alcohol get you more drunk?

Have you ever been out getting a drink with someone when they told you that a specific type of alcohol gets them too intoxicated and they refuse to drink it? Or have you heard someone repeat the common refrain: “Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before...

Common mistakes teenage drivers make

If you see a carful of teenagers, you are right to be wary. Teen drivers have one of the country’s highest crash rates. The base cause is their lack of experience, although it’s fair to say that many also lack the maturity that an older new driver would have which...