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Is the interstate really safer?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2020 | Firm News |

Have you heard that the interstate is the safest place to drive? If so, you may have felt shocked. It seems like it’s more dangerous. You’re traveling far faster than you would in the city. You have the potential for traffic jams, road construction zones and other hazards. For many young drivers, the interstate is the most intimidating place to drive.

Be that as it may, study after study has found lower fatality rates on the interstate, and it is clear that it’s actually one of the safest places to drive. That’s not to say that accidents do not happen, and it’s understandable why the high speeds feel more dangerous, but the statistics prove that you’re far more likely to get into a serious accident on another road.

The main reason is that the interstate is so controlled. You know exactly where everyone will get on or off of the highway. Traffic does not go in two directions on the same piece of pavement, but only in one direction, with a median between. No one can pull out in front of you or run a red light or take the wrong turn at a four-way stop. You don’t have cars turning left in front of you, there isn’t nearly as much starting and stopping and you don’t have nearly as many road signs to read.

All of this works together to make the interstate safer. Yes, you are traveling faster, but the odds of crashing are just so low. Plus, if you do crash, it’s probably not a head-on accident.

Regardless of where you get into an accident, if another driver caused it, make sure you know how to seek compensation.