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Handling Criminal Defense Cases For Over 30 Years

The laws against driving while intoxicated (DWI) have never been more strict. Even for the most basic first offense, the penalties that come with conviction can be devastating and impact nearly every aspect of your life. If you have prior alcohol-related driving convictions, you should definitely hire the most qualified DWI defense lawyer you can find.

Attorney Jason J. Heany Knows Your Rights And Effective Strategies

Your greatest concerns likely involve your freedom, your driver’s license and job. It is critical to realize that every arrest for DWI (called DUI in some other states) in Missouri launches two cases against you. One is the criminal case prosecuted by a municipality or the state; the other is the Missouri Department of Revenue’s action to suspend or revoke your driver’s license. Both can be contested effectively, but you must act quickly.

Highly Trained, Aggressive Defense Of Your Future And Your Driving Privilege

Attorney Jason Heany has defended hundreds of people charged with DWI and other drinking and driving offenses in many Missouri counties. This includes many facing serious misdemeanor or felony DWI charges as prior, persistent and aggravated offenders. He builds compelling, effective cases for trial, negotiates aggressively for our clients and has even successfully argued groundbreaking cases before the Missouri Court of Appeals.

If Trying Your Case Is The Best Path, We Are Willing, Able And Proven

Mr. Heany knows DWI laws and procedures inside out. If the case against you can be successfully challenged, he has the knowledge and determination to do exactly that.

Depending on the exact circumstances, you could face jail time even for your first DWI conviction — and a criminal conviction on your record that will never go away. As a repeat offender, you may be looking at a lengthy prison term and never being able to drive legally again. Please don’t assume that the DWI defense attorney you choose will not make a difference. Instead, contact us online as soon as possible or call 660-924-0224 to discuss your case free of charge.