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Which medical conditions qualify for Social Security Disability? 

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | Social Security Disability |

Whether you get hurt in a car crash or suddenly develop symptoms that result in a diagnosis with a debilitating medical condition, a disability can quickly change your life. You may find that you can no longer fulfill the same obligations you once did at work. You might struggle to maintain your home or take care of yourself on a daily basis. 

Worries about money often go hand-in-hand with a disabling medical condition. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) benefits can go a long way toward protecting the independence and stability of those with serious medical conditions.

What medical conditions qualify for SSD?

Ultimately, the impact of the condition you have matters more than the diagnosis itself. The Social Security Administration does maintain a thorough — yet incomplete — list of qualifying conditions that commonly lead to disability. This list gives guidelines regarding exactly how severe each condition has to be in order to qualify as disabling under the government’s rules. 

However, any medical condition or combination of conditions that are truly disabling can qualify someone for SSDI benefits. You don’t necessarily have to have a condition that’s listed in order to suffer limitations that “equal” the limitations suffered by someone with a listed condition. While having a listed condition may sometimes make it easier to qualify for SSD, not having a listed condition doesn’t necessarily stop you from qualifying.

Medical documentation and evidence can go a long way toward establishing the impact that a condition has on someone’s life. Generally, you will need to show that your condition is severe and that it prevents you from working in any substantial way and is likely to do so for at least one year or longer in order to qualify for SSD. It’s also wise to have some experienced legal assistance with your claim.