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What should you do about a tailgater?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When someone tailgates your car, it may make you feel frustrated or angry. These incidents often lead to road rage. The important thing is to consider why you feel this way. Odds are that you’re not actually angry; you’re scared.

And you should be. Tailgating is inherently dangerous. It massively increases the odds that you’ll get hit from behind, even if you do everything right. You can feel that as the other car looms in your mirrors. You know how risky it is.

So, what should you do? Some drivers decide to “brake check” the other car, which is when you sharply hit the brakes without warning. The idea is that you force them to come close to crashing so that they realize the danger and back off.

However, this is dangerous and illegal. If it does cause a crash, you could get reckless driving charges. Even if you don’t, you’re putting everyone in danger. Never do this. It may be common, but that does not mean that it’s wise.

Instead, your best bet is to let them pass. You can sometimes do this simply by slowing down — not hitting your brakes, but slowly decreasing your speed so that they can get around. You could also consider safely getting off the road, letting them go by, and then pulling onto the road again. Yes, it’s annoying, but it’s better than getting involved in an accident.

If you do get hit from behind by another driver, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your medical bills and related costs.