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Want a better divorce? Keep these 2 tips in mind

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Family Law |

A divorce is a life-changing event, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be extraordinarily stressful. Instead, it’s possible to have a divorce that starts your new life off on the right path. The more you and your spouse are willing to work together to separate your lives, the better your divorce will go.

If you’re just now embarking on the divorce process, these tips may be beneficial to you. 

1. Set a conflict resolution plan

You and your ex likely won’t agree on everything at the end of your marriage. Decide how those conflicts will be resolved.

For example, you can include relatively informal measures for handling your conflicts, like a time-out process for when tempers start to flare and communication that’s always handled in writing when problems are outlined or agreements are made. You can also decide — now — that you want to use mediation to try to resolve any sticking points in your divorce without going to litigation. 

Naturally, your plan may not always work — but just having on in place can help both parties work harder at resolving the issues in play.

2. Remain focused on the tasks at hand

It’s easy to devolve into personal attacks centered around why the marriage didn’t work when you’re upset. Instead of doing that, focus on what’s important today: Getting issues with property, custody and support settled so that you can move on.

If one of you slips up and starts to focus on the past, that’s a good time to fall back on the conflict resolution methods you agreed upon earlier. While it may seem like a lot of stops and starts, anything that you can do to resolve your issues without the court’s involvement is worth the effort.

As you move through the divorce process, work closely with your attorney to better understand your rights and your options.