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New car safety features help parents track teenage drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Chevrolet has announced a new set of safety features to aid parents in keeping their teenagers safe on the roads. Traffic accidents are the leading cause of deaths amongst teenagers old enough to drive, so anything that can reduce that is welcome.

The Teen Driver system has a recording feature, similar to that commercial drivers use, helping parents track how well their kids drive without needing to be with them in the car. It also lets parents set a maximum speed limit and limit the stereo volume, helping their children to concentrate while driving. 

Survey shows parents are concerned about their children driving

Most people drove less than usual last year. While this has many benefits, some fear it has lowered the standard of driving. As children returned to school, Chevrolet and Harris Poll conducted a survey of parents on the issue. Here is what parents replied:

  • 73% thought drivers had got more aggressive over the last year
  • 78% are worried this could endanger their children
  • 47% felt their teenage learners had lost valuable driving experience

One of the reasons teenage drivers suffer more accidents than other age groups is that they lack experience. The more you drive, the better you understand the limits of your vehicle and skills and the consequences of overstepping the mark. The more driving experience you gain, the better you can anticipate and avoid dangerous behavior by other drivers.

Improved safety features such as the Teen Driver system can help your child stay safe when driving. Yet, they cannot make up for the lost experience or other drivers’ increased aggression. If a driver of any age injures your child in a crash, seeking compensation will be crucial for their future.