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Dividing marital assets during a Missouri divorce 

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Family Law |

If you have decided that divorce is the healthiest way forward, you’ll want to keep your eyes on your future well-being as you navigate the divorce process. When processing the hurt of a marital split, it can get very easy to become bogged down by the emotions of the moment and to make decisions rooted in that temporary state. To safeguard your interests, you’ll want to keep your eyes clear even though your heart is full.

By focusing on the future, you’ll be much more likely to seek a divorce settlement that is truly equitable – which means fair, not necessarily equal. Missouri is an equitable distribution state, which means that couples are not obligated to divide their marital assets 50/50. Therefore, if there is some reason why you and your spouse should divide the value of your marital estate somewhat unevenly in order to achieve a fair outcome, it is well within your rights to embrace that approach. 

As you determine your priorities for your asset division strategy, keep in mind that you’ll want to fight for whatever assets will help you to secure a strong financial foundation moving forward. Remember, this is not the moment to get weighed down by sentiment or resentment. Your future self may very well thank you for staying focused during this critical time. 

What steps should you take next?

By carefully considering what a truly equitable division of assets might look like per your unique marital circumstances, you’ll be more fully informed and empowered to seek a fair divorce settlement. Whether your divorce process is likely to progress amicably or you’re likely to need a judge’s intervention to settle your fundamental differences, understanding what you’re rightfully owed can help you to “fight” for it in whatever way is most appropriate given the ins and outs of your situation.