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3 car defects that can lead to serious injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There are many factors that contribute to the millions of accidents that happen every year. However, while most accidents are caused by driver negligence, vehicle accidents and injuries can also be caused by auto defects and equipment malfunction. 

Despite safety improvements in modern vehicles, some accidents and injuries occur due to vehicle defects. Unfortunately, it may not be easy to identify a defective car or vehicle part. Below are some common vehicle defects that cause traffic accidents, injuries and even deaths.

1. Defective brakes

Because modern vehicles are very sophisticated, many errors can occur. For example, when it comes to the braking system, errors can occur in the hydraulic system. However, when a manufacturer or your mechanic fails to take caution when making or repairing your car’s braking system, it may malfunction and cause a serious crash and injuries.

2. Fuel system issues

While a fuel system issue may not increase the risk of getting into a crash, it may make the accident worse. For instance, a defective fuel system may cause a fuel leak after an accident. This may increase the risk of a fire that may cause serious burn injuries. Therefore, although the defect may not cause an accident, it may cause serious injuries that would have been avoided. 

3. Faulty airbags

In an accident, your car’s airbags will help caution against impact. Along with your seatbelt, your airbags can reduce the risk of serious injuries. But what happens if the airbags don’t deploy or explode when they deploy? In such a case, the airbags may fail to provide protection or worsen the injuries. 

Sometimes, an airbag with a malfunctioning crash sensor may cause the airbag to deploy for no reason. When this happens as you drive on the highway, it may lead to a serious accident.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a car crash caused by a vehicle defect, you may file a claim and get compensated for damages. Unfortunately, building an auto defect claim can be complicated, which is why you should seek legal assistance to help you understand your legal options.