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Staying safe around an aggressive driver?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The sad thing about being involved in a car accident is that you may have been observing traffic laws, but another driver’s negligence may lead you to one, causing you injuries. Aggressive drivers are an example of parties that may do this to you. People who engage in aggressive behaviors on the road disregard the law and other road users. But you can protect yourself.

Here is how to be safe around an aggressive driver.

Stay calm

It can be challenging to stay calm when a driver is tailgating, failing to yield, speeding or weaving through traffic. You may get angry and may want to confront them by talking to them or using gestures. However, this is also dangerous, as you take away your concentration from the road. 

Besides, confronting them may lead to more aggressive behaviors as their way of responding to you. Road rage can escalate to a dangerous point. Thus, you should relax until you can avoid them, perhaps when they pass or take a different route.  

Ignore them

Some aggressive drivers want to intimidate other road users. Thus, when you give them the way, they may not pass. Instead, they may drive nearby, looking at you, seeking conflict. This may constitute harassment. If this is your experience, do not make eye contact, and when you are in a safe place to pull over, do so and call the police. 

Further, ignoring an aggressive driver when they stare at you may encourage them to pass since they are not getting the attention they desire.

If an aggressive driver leads you to an accident, it will help to consider your options to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve.