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Common mistakes teenage drivers make

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you see a carful of teenagers, you are right to be wary. Teen drivers have one of the country’s highest crash rates.

The base cause is their lack of experience, although it’s fair to say that many also lack the maturity that an older new driver would have which would make them less of a risk.

If a teenage driver hits you, here are some of the possible reasons that may have contributed to the crash:

They are not very good at judging other people’s speed

It takes practice to know how soon another vehicle will arrive at you. Teen drivers have not had the chance to build up that experience yet, so they may pull out or turn across you, assuming they have time to make it safely when they don’t.

They’re not good at knowing how to control their speed

Just because the speed limit of a particular stretch of road is 50 mph, does not mean you can safely maneuver your vehicle around every foot of it at that speed. Sometimes, you need to slow down. Examples include when there is water on the road, a patch of gravel or a sharp bend. Once again, newly qualified drivers may not have worked that out yet.

They are overconfident

Passing your driving test does not make you a great driver, yet some kids think it does. They may believe they are far more skilled than they are and push it more than they should. Experienced drivers have usually learned the need for caution.

Getting legal help to discover the contributing factors in a crash may help you get the compensation you deserve when an inexperienced young driver injures you in a crash.