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Avoid these actions when communicating with your co-parent

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2024 | Family Law |

Walking away from a romantic relationship when you share children isn’t an easy situation. There’s not a way to make a clean from your ex unless one parent walks away from their children. Because of this, you and your ex will have to continue to communicate to raise the children. 

Suitable communication can make the co-parenting situation a lot easier. Making these three errors when you’re dealing with your ex will almost certainly increase the stress. 

Letting emotions rule

All the decisions you make should be based on logic, not emotions. When you let emotions rule, you may have reactions that you didn’t intend. Letting your anger get the best of you can make the parenting relationship between you and your ex more complicated or hostile than what they have to be. 

Being unwilling to negotiate

Part of being a co-parent is being willing to negotiate. Each parent has to “give and take” so things stay fair. This is especially beneficial when it comes to planning vacations and making changes to the parenting schedule. 

Not putting the kids first

You have to put your children first when you’re communicating with your co-parent. The decisions you make must be based on what’s best for the children. It can be easy to start thinking about what options are easier for you or more difficult for your ex, but that shouldn’t ever be the basis of the decisions you make.

The parenting plan is the cornerstone of decisions related to your children. Making sure that this is set up so it reflects the current needs of the kids is beneficial.