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What are the facts about on-the-job injuries?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Data compiled by the National Safety Council (NSC) in 2019 showed that a worker suffered injuries on the job every seven seconds. This number equates to 510 workers per hour, 12,600 ones each day, 88,500 employees in a week and 4,600,000 ones during a single year.

There are some trends as to what kinds of injuries tend to occurNSC’s research shows that the most common injuries among workers are punctures, cuts or lacerations, pain or soreness, and tears, sprains, and strains. That same data shows that slips, trips and falls account for 25.8% of all worker injuries. Employers should encourage their workers to keep their office tidy and to place their ladders on a stable, even surface to minimize their risk of such injuries.

Overexertion injuries account for 33.54% of all instances in which a worker becomes hurt on the job. Employees who perform repetitive motions or regularly lower or lift objects may suffer this type of injury. Workers should minimize instances in which they twist, bend or reach for things to avoid getting hurt.

Contact accidents, a category that includes struck against or by incidents or crush, compression or caught in ones, account for 26% of workplace injuries. Employers should have their workers keep heavy objects closer to the floor, warn them to watch out for moveable objects and that they wear property safety gear to keep themselves safe. 

The workers most apt to suffer debilitating injuries that require them to miss work include community service workers, such as police officers and firefighters and people employed in the shipping and transportation industries. Workers who handle repairs, maintenance, installation, construction, production or manufacturing are also the most vulnerable to getting hurt as well.

Many lines of work can be dangerous. While many of the injuries you may suffer may be relatively minor, others may leave you needing to receive physical therapy, undergo surgery, or even with lasting impairments. A workers’ comp attorney can advise you how Missouri law may allow you to receive medical care and recover lost wages from your employer if you suffered injuries on the job here in Clinton.