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Can you guess which construction jobs are the most dangerous?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Construction is one of the most dangerous job roles you can have. The combination of tools and heavy equipment poses a significant danger to workers. Those contractors who work these machines aren’t the only ones at risk for getting hurt, though. 

Learning about the risks associated with your role may help you develop a strategy for keeping yourself safe on the job. 

What are the most dangerous areas of construction work?

While there’s no doubt that all construction work is risky, some jobs are definitely more dangerous than others. Consider the following:

High-rise construction

High-rise construction work is the most dangerous of all roles. Falls account for at least 40% of construction workers’ deaths. Some of the most dangerous job sites a contractor can work at are windy ones. It’s not uncommon for the wind to pick up heavy equipment and send it flying into the air in a construction workers’ direction, injuring them. 

Demolition work

Construction workers who regularly find themselves carrying out demolition work run the risk of having the office buildings and homes that they tear down collapsing on them. Such an event is most apt to occur if the building is older or has previously sustained fire damage. A worker can also suffer electrocution if power isn’t cut to the wires before demolition work begins. 


Pipelaying isn’t an ideal job role for claustrophobic individuals. It can be a dangerous field for anyone to work in, though. Workers run the risk of becoming stuck, unable to break free from cramped, dark spaces that often offer limited ventilation, putting their health and lives at risk. 

Heavy equipment operation

Employers must train their construction employees to operate heavy equipment before allowing them to operate it. Improperly malfunctioning, poorly maintained or improperly stored heavy equipment can leave workers with fatal injuries.

Where to turn following a construction accident

Your Missouri employer should have workers’ compensation coverage to pay the cost of their employees’ medical bills if they suffer an injury or illness on the job. You may find yourself needing to consult with an attorney to learn more about your rights if your Clinton employer isn’t forthcoming about what to do following an on-the-job accident.