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3 practical tips for navigating a car accident and injury claim

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Vehicle accidents result in more than an inconvenience. They can lead to injuries that impact victims for the rest of their lives. As you might imagine, severe injuries usually come with overwhelming expenses, so you must protect your ability to get fair compensation when another driver is at fault.

Knowing about the hurdles you might face before they arise can help you set realistic goals, potentially allowing you to navigate your claim better. Whether this is your first accident or your fifth, these practical tips may help you rest easier while your accident claim is in progress.

Don’t skimp on evidence

Instead of wondering what evidence or documents to submit with your claim, send anything that supports your account of the crash and your losses. Contrary to common belief, failing to include evidence can compromise your compensation.

Three must-haves:

  • Police report
  • Medical evidence showing the extent of your injuries
  • Physician statements about possible diminished earning capacity

Photographs or video footage of the crash scene and witness statements may also strengthen your claim.

Expect complications

Insurance companies prefer to hold on to their money. Sometimes, they deny valid claims or offer lowball settlements. Never assume insurers have a legitimate reason to reject your claim or offer less than you deserve.

Instead of taking a low offer or giving up, ask for specifics and research their responses against Missouri accident and injury compensation laws.

Take yourself out of the equation

When trying to recover from your accident injuries, you may not feel well enough to participate in an accident investigation. You might even inadvertently say or do something that hurts your claim. Someone who understands the nuances of auto insurance laws can deal with the insurer on your behalf while you continue focusing on your recovery.