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Car accident evidence: Obtaining reliable witness statements

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

After suffering injuries in a car accident, determining fault is crucial to getting fair injury compensation. Proper evidence can play a key role in helping you determine fault and helping ensure that you get restitution for all your losses, including physical and psychological harm.

One of the most important types of evidence in Missouri car accident claims is often witness statements. Involving those who saw the crash unfold may help corroborate your version of the events.

Witness statement sources to consider

Sometimes, good Samaritan witnesses step up and offer to provide testimony in car accident claims of their own accord. Other times, victims and their representatives may need to track down potential witnesses.

Here are three reasonably effective ways to obtain reliable witness statements:

  • Speak with drivers, pedestrians and passengers who may have seen the accident. Some may be willing to help.
  • Check with businesses and homeowners in the vicinity. They may have witnessed the crash or have equipment that captured video of the incident.
  • Talk with responding police officers after the accident. They probably interviewed witnesses at the scene and may be able to provide detailed notes.

When combined with other evidence like medical records and hospital invoices, witness statements can add credibility to your claim.

What if you cannot get statements?

Unfortunately, some accident injuries are severe enough to temporarily incapacitate victims, preventing them from speaking with potential witnesses. A legal representative can do the legwork for incapacitated victims or their family members who need answers about the accident.

A thorough investigation may uncover reliable witnesses to support your claim. Legal guidance can also help you navigate the claims process and explore other options if your claim fails to yield sufficient compensation.