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Is the divorce rate going up or down?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2024 | Family Law |

People often have very different takes when it comes to the modern divorce rate. Some people will lament the fact that they feel like most marriages eventually end in divorce, something that they claim has been happening for decades. Others will say that the divorce rate has been dropping and that modern marriages are more stable than they ever have been before.

Who is right? They may both be correct. The reality is that the divorce rate a person faces likely depends on their age.

Those under 50

For married couples who are under 50 years old, the divorce rate is dropping. Much of this is due to the fact that couples wait longer to get married. The average age of marriage is now right around 30 years old. Relatively few people rush into marriage as teenagers or in their early 20s, which lowers the odds that they will get divorced. People who do get married young will have higher divorce rates.

Those over 50

However, for couples over 50, the divorce rate is going up. This is known as gray divorce. Some couples find that they’ve drifted apart when they become empty nesters. Others run into conflicts over how to spend their retirement years. Still others may have wanted to get a divorce for a long time, but there used to be a negative stigma surrounding the process. Since this has faded with the generations, they now feel confident to move forward with the divorce.

Regardless of which age group you are in, if you are ending your marriage this year, it’s critical to understand all of your legal options.