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Beware of knee injuries at work

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

There are many types of injuries that workers have to be watchful for when they’re doing their job duties. One of these is knee injuries.

There are several types of injuries that can easily damage a knee, so workers must pay close attention to how they feel while working. Even then, however, they may not notice minor damage that piles up slowly.

Knee injuries might occur over time

Many knee injuries aren’t the result of a direct hit to the knee. Instead, they are cumulative trauma injuries that occur because of the repetitive motions of the job. For example, a miner who has to stoop down often or a carpet layer who spends time on their knees might suffer from this type of injury. 

When the knee injury isn’t the result of a one-time accident, the worker might not notice that something is amiss until the damage to the joint is considerable. At first, the knee might feel stiff or sore, but it will likely abate when the person is off work and able to rest the legs. Unfortunately, the trauma to the joint will continue to get worse and the symptoms will get worse over time. 

Knee injuries might be covered under workers’ compensation

Because of the risk of a cumulative trauma injury occurring, individuals who notice problems with the knees should seek medical care. If the injury is work-related, it should be covered by workers’ compensation. 

Employers should take steps to reduce the risk of these injuries occurring. This means training workers on proper body mechanics for their job duties and providing them with protective equipment, such as knee pads, that can reduce the likelihood of knee damage. 

If you’re an injured worker who is struggling to get the benefits you need for a knee injury through workers’ compensation, speaking to an attorney may be the wisest move.