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Which tools pose the biggest threat to your hearing?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

In almost every workplace there are some forms of noise hazards. However, this applies more to those who work in manual environments such as construction sites, factories and workshops.

There are a number of tools that heighten the risk of hearing damage occurring in the workplace. Outlined below are some of the key pieces of equipment that workers need to be aware of.

Powerful machinery

Certain tasks simply can’t be carried out by the human hand. Even if they can, power tools and machinery can complete them much more efficiently. The downside of this is that power tools and machinery generally emit a lot of noise. Tools that emit noise levels of 70 decibels or above have the potential to damage your hearing. Most tools produce noises that exceed this level. Long-term exposure to such equipment is concerning. Your supervisors should ensure that shifts are rotated and that you are giving the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, such as ear plugs.

Handheld tools also emit noise

Tools don’t have to be high-powered to damage your ears. It’s perfectly feasible for a person to suffer hearing damage when using a handheld tool like a hammer. Depending on the material and force that is behind the hammer strike, noise can still reach immense levels. Whether a worker is using a hammer or merely passing by someone who is using one, the noise from an impact tool can damage the inner ear.

All of your senses are vital and this includes your hearing. If you’ve been hurt on the job, then you may be unable to work again for some time. You’re going to need some help in the form of compensation. Seeking legal guidance can help you to obtain this.