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Proper training is crucial for industrial employees

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Factory workers are often underappreciated, but these are hard-working individuals who have the right to a safe workplace. One of the most important things employers can do is to provide proper training for anyone who comes to work. 

Many safety issues should be discussed with anyone working in a factory. These include everything from wearing proper personal protective equipment to working safely around machinery. Here are three of the biggest areas of concern:

Machinery hazards

The machines in factories have a lot of moving parts. These machines have risks of amputations, crushing, and similar injuries. Anyone operating equipment, including lathes, CNC machines, forklifts, and anything else, should be properly trained. Some of these require certifications to operate them. 

Chemicals and debris dangers

The chemicals that are used in manufacturing can be hazardous. Flying particles are also dangerous. All workers must be provided with accurate information about these, including what steps they need to take to remain safe. Understanding how to use personal protective equipment, including goggles and respirators, is crucial for employees. 

Floor safety

Wet floors or items strewn around the factory can lead to slips and trips. Workers should be aware of where these hazards will likely be present. Signage can help with this, and workplace safety regulations require some signs. Some factories may require workers to have non-slip shoes that have steel toes. 

Factory workers who suffer an injury at work should get medical care. Workers’ compensation coverage should take care of the medical expenses and can even provide some replacement wages and other benefits. If you need help with your workers’ comp claim, don’t hesitate to reach out.