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A diverse range of industries can lead to back pain and injury

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

What would you do without your back to support you through life? Depending on the severity of a back injury, it could take weeks or months to return to your former activity level and independence.

Many Missouri industries come with a risk of suffering workplace back injuries. Keep reading to see if your job might be hazardous to your spine and back health.

Warehouse occupations

Those who work in warehouses face many back injury risks. Bending, lifting and carrying all contribute to injuries impacting the lumbar region (lower back). If you perform this type of work in a warehouse or elsewhere, be proactive in protecting your back and spine.

Nursing careers

Nurses in hospitals, nursing homes and private practice offices must manipulate patients physically. They may need to turn a patient over or help them use the bathroom. According to statistics, moving or transferring patients is a top cause of back injuries in nursing.

Construction jobs

All positions in the construction industry are tough on the human body. Since the work requires bending, stooping, lifting and carrying, it spares no one in this field the risk of back injuries. Workers also have high odds of falling from heights, another leading cause of spine and back damage.

Medical care and a time of rest often prevent permanent damage, but how can you take a break when you still need income? Workers’ compensation provides medical treatment and wage replacement benefits that help you avoid financial hardships after a work injury.

If you have trouble filing your claim or receive a denial of benefits notice, consider seeking guidance from a professional. With help, you have an excellent chance of obtaining the back injury benefits you deserve.