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Not your first DWI? Here’s what to expect in Missouri

Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense. Missouri imposes both criminal and administrative penalties on those who drive while drunk, because their actions put themselves and others at risk of serious harm or death. Criminally, the laws in the state allow the...

What is “chemical revocation” in Missouri?

All states have “implied consent” laws that stipulate that by having a driver’s license, you consent to taking a chemical test to determine whether you’re impaired by alcohol and/or drugs if a law enforcement officer stops you. Often, this is a Breathalyzer-type test...

What can you do to reduce glare?

In order to drive safely we must be able to see. The behavior of others as well as shifts in the time of day have the potential to impact this. Glare is a significant problem at nighttime, but it can still affect drivers during the day. In severe circumstances, glare...